Cancellation, and Refund policy
Geneus CARE is an online service under a medical clinic; Geneus CARE Clinic with registration number 10101029164. CARE™ is a trademark of Geneus CARE (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. The unauthorised use of trademark will be prosecuted. You need a computer with Internet access to use our service and to consult with our physician. Throughout our website, we provide detailed information regarding the package and service which will be provided via telemedicine process and what you can expect or may experience from our service.
Standard Refund Policy
If you request a refund or cancel the order, we will make a full refund the balance of the total purchase price only if you have not experienced any of the process from our service. To receive a full refund** for an unused service, you must notify us within thirty (30) days of placing your order in Geneus CARE online store. *We will NOT issue a refund if (i) you request a refund more than thirty (30) days after the payment was processed; or (ii) you have experienced some of the process from our service.
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